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You`ll never get out of the KG again! You`ll never get out of the KG again!
How does it feel, you loser? You`ve been wearing the KG for some time now. Have you gotten used to it yet? Are you still hoping that I`ll let you out of the KG? That you can jerk off again? I think I can help you with this video! You don`t need to have any more hope. You will never come out of the KG again! Your mini cock will be locked in the cage forever. Never jerk off and cum again! How does that feel loser? To know that you belong to me forever, that I have the power over your cock and will never let you out of the cage again! You`ll beg and plead with me... But I`m not interested in that! You`ll stay in the KG forever!

You`ll never get o...
LadyAyse (36)


Gerhard the pay pig Gerhard the pay pig
I`ve had my piggy bank Gerhard in my hand for a long time. He`s really keen to send me his money. He has to transfer his tribute to me twice a month. Without any request from me! The loser wants my attention and he gets it. As long as I receive the money on time. My life, my luxury is financed this way. I am the goddess! And you are the losers begging for my attention. Watch the video. Do you have similar fantasies? Then write to me in Messenger! I`m sure we`ll find a way for you to sweeten my life!

Gerhard the pay pig
LadyAyse (36)


Show tits outdoor Show tits outdoor
the temperatures rise then you can also show yourself topless

Show tits outdoor
Tittenluder (67)


Special Treatment Special Treatment
Well you, would you like some special treatment?? for my slave definitely. I don`t think he expected that... he`s already well prepared on the stretching bench so that I can get started right away... and can happily put a dilator in his little cock and really spoil him with it... but at the same time It doesn`t stop there, I also take good care of his balls, which I think are literally crying out to be beaten... but I`m definitely not going to go into too much detail.. if you want to see the video, take a look at it . You little slave pig, I can only tell you one thing, the paddle and electricity are definitely a must here today.

Special Treatment
MaraLeNoir (47)

BDSM room BDSM room
Here you will find a complete album from the last shooting. Here you can expect full nudes, anal plug, close up, fetish like gyn chair, leather...

BDSM room
Krawallbarbie (29)

Soft Soft
very very soft and naturally beautiful?

Smothieinred (41)

close to the mouth close to the mouth
Take a look at the horny pussy close-ups

close to the mouth
Tittenluder (67)

I want to show you what you don`t think you see. I want to show you what you don`t think you see.
I`m bored and I need someone to make me feel good sexually.

I want to show you...
Pearl00 (27)

dominatrix boots on loan dominatrix boots on loan
I borrowed some cool red boots from my girlfriend and used them to break balloons.

dominatrix boots o...
Tammara-Dominant (37)


Your D E V O T E S bitch! Your S A F T is mine! Your D E V O T E S bitch! Your S A F T is mine!
Every now and then I like to be totally submissive. A little role play is just the thing today. I dutifully do what my master asks of me. I suck his cock deep, give him a really hot ride and get all his sperm. My outfit alone turns him on so much that it doesn`t take him long to squirt his sperm. As a little submissive bitch, I just know what I have to do.

Your D E V O T E S...
MelissaDeluxe (42)

Horny dirty slut Horny dirty slut
I love it so much to be used deep in the mouth and then to be taken anally, preferably when I`m wearing handcuffs

Horny dirty slut
SexyBlondine32 (33)


Mini cock (2 finger wank) Mini cock (2 finger wank)
You mini dicks have come to the right place. I am your Turkish goddess. Why else did you losers end up on my homepage? Take a look at yourselves. What stands out most about you is nothing. Yes, nothing! Because there`s nothing to you. You mini-tail wearers. What are we supposed to do with you? Your mini cocks are almost too small for a chastity cage. You`ll never be able to satisfy a woman, let alone a goddess like me, with your stub. You can only jerk off with two fingers at most. You probably need tweezers for that. Be glad that you`ve landed on my page. I`ll show you what your ugly mini is good for...

Mini cock (2 finge...
LadyAyse (36)


Julie is my dominant girlfriend Julie is my dominant girlfriend
Julie has put on the strapon, it's time for blowjobs and fucking in the ass

Julie is my domina...
SamantaDark (48)

Neues Album für euch im Ball Pool Neues Album für euch im Ball Pool
This gallery contains media from the categories Bra, Blowjob, Feet, Open Legs, Submissive.

Neues Album für eu...
BritneyWayne (25)

Your favorite submissive Your favorite submissive
Being your good girl, will you give me your cum in my mouth?

Your favorite subm...
KourtneyWolf (26)

Happy Valentine`s Day Happy Valentine`s Day
I wanted to celebrate this day with a very naughty photo session but my neighbors couldn`t stop looking at me... I think they were masturbating while they saw me posing in different ways with the windows completely open...

Happy Valentine`s ...
KourtneyWolf (26)

All natural All natural
Quite naturally private at my home cozy on my couch now you`re just missing

All natural
Rostockergirl79 (44)


Hey you, today I`m meet a hot newcomer bitch to show off her blowjob skills testing. The horny bitch is already waiting for me at the hotel in sexy lingerie. Then we get straight to the point...she starts greedily Blowing my cock and licking my balls. Then it gets more and more intense, she devours my cock complete and can be fucked deep in the throat. Totally horny, she drools on my cock and as I can`t stand it anymore because I`m so horny and I inject my sperm into her into the hot mouth. Passed the blowjob-test with grade 1 I would say...a real newcomer Deepthroat talent! Look forward to the first bareback fuck video with her here on my profile. Have fun jerking off...greetings from your Andy-Star

Andy-Star666 (39)

(D)ein submissive bitch - Bildermix (D)ein submissive bitch - Bildermix
A few different pictures of me submissive bitch - there is also something on the ass ... .

(D)ein submissive ...
Slut-Nicole (55)

dildo vaginal dildo vaginal
you to how I get it myself with a dildo

dildo vaginal
DevotBrat (21)


Slave nailed to the cross Slave nailed to the cross
My little Sissi had to be nailed to the cross and really be served by me! The mini dick really likes it when I grab him so hard, squeeze his cock properly and show him who his mistress is! ???? Would you like me to play with you like this? Write to me! ????

Slave nailed to th...
MaraLeNoir (47)


Divine spit (desired video) Divine spit (desired video)
Here my slave gets his desired video, he has wished to get a horny video of me with my hot spit. But that`s not all, it gets even hotter, the slave gets a hot package from me with the jumpsuit I`m wearing in the video, and a delivery of my spit to go with it. He gets my spit delivered directly and can swallow it deliciously to the video, as a special honor I put the jumpsuit on again beforehand in the clip so that my divine scent also arrives. You can buy my worn outfits in my store. In the video I always spit very dominantly and erotically, the spit runs down so cool. Again and again I spit horny. Now you also have the honor and enjoy my divine spit!

Divine spit (desir...
LadyAyse (36)


Annadevot - submissive man quarried and waned Annadevot - submissive man quarried and waned
I have a submissive man at home and he is waiting for the bed, so I use him as a fuck piece and ride on his cock to a horny orgasm, he kept through well, so I reward him with a handjob and he can also inject everything into the rubber.

Annadevot - submis...
annadevot (56)


You must not see it Loser You must not see it Loser
You are a beta, a loser, you can be grateful that you are allowed to suck on my heel... More is none of your business... You are not allowed to see naked female skin or intimate places... I make that clear to you again in this video with a bar.

You must not see i...
sexyvenushuegel (36)

Lady in red Lady in red
Hey sweetie, what do you think we could do together? ?

Lady in red
Thilda (26)


Creampie - fucked hard in a tight latex outfit! Creampie - fucked hard in a tight latex outfit!
You come into the room at just the right time, because I`ve sat on your bed and thrown on my new outfit - black, tight, latex-look and no panties underneath! I feel damn sexy, somehow I look like a little dominatrix! But I really like it when you take control. And that`s exactly what you do! It makes me really horny how you hold my head in your hand and stuff your cock into my mouth! I`m getting really wet, my pussy is screaming for your cock! How do you like it when you fuck me from behind in this hot outfit? It really turns me on! You fuck me so hard until you can`t stand it any longer and just pump your load into my pussy!

Creampie - fucked ...
Amelie_Lei (31)


Defenselessly used and fucked on a cage Defenselessly used and fucked on a cage
Defenselessly tied to a steel cage, fucked and driven to climax

Defenselessly used...
JungeStuteMD (26)


Annadevot - bbw cunt sprayed into the mouth Annadevot - bbw cunt sprayed into the mouth
I have to wait for him in the doggy position and then he briefly grabs my pussy and then fucks me violently to orgasm. I then have to sit in front of him and he jerks his hard cock and splashes a fat load of fresh sperm in my mouth, which of course I swallow and like.

Annadevot - bbw cu...
annadevot (56)


`Erziehung zur Sissy-Hure - Teil 3 (Das Blastraining)` `Erziehung zur Sissy-Hure - Teil 3 (Das Blastraining)`
For the third part of your training as a sissy whore, you`ll need a nice dildo. Not too big, but definitely not too small! If you have any questions about the selection, feel free to write to me in Messenger. So that I can send you on the line, you must of course also know how to satisfy real men. We will practise this with the dildo. I will explain how you can suck it nicely. All the way to deepthroat. We`ll keep practicing until you whore can do it. As with the running training, you will also do your blowjob exercises every day! One solution for daily practice is, for example, a dildo gag, so that you whore already know what it feels like to have a cock in your mouth. After all, I only send well-trained whores on the street and that`s what you sissy dream of!

`Erziehung zur Sis...
LadyAyse (36)


horny blow the tv look horny blow the tv look
horny blow the tv look

horny blow the tv ...
PaarauchLive (39/41)


XXL-SCHWANZ fucks my throat & pussy! XXL-SCHWANZ fucks my throat & pussy!
That was perhaps a bit sneaky of me. When I heard a rumor at university that a student had a killer cock, I was curious to find out if it was true. So I asked him if we wanted to go to the movies together. Yes... of course he said yes! I got even more excited because I`d never had a really big cock before. When we got home from the movies and sat down on the couch, I spoke up and confessed. "Don`t you want to show it to me?" Pooh...I open his pants, pull them down and there he is already peeking out of his underpants!!! You were right! Wow, what a device. I`m a bit apprehensive, can I even handle it?

XXL-SCHWANZ fucks ...
Amelie_Lei (31)

Simply me? Simply me?
If you want to take a look ?

Simply me?
Bolly91 (32)

I love to blow bubbles I love to blow bubbles
Would you like it if I sucked your cock too? :P

I love to blow bub...
CathySol (23)

new galery new galery
Here I have made another gel series. I think it`s the best one, don`t you? If something is missing, tell me, I`ll send it to you :*

new galery
Dream-Rose (20)


Raising a sissy whore - Part 2 Running training Raising a sissy whore - Part 2 Running training
After we discussed your future outfit in the first part, with which you sissy whores will go shopping for me, you must of course now practise how to walk in high heels. It`s always fun for me to see how awkwardly you wannabe sissy whores walk in them. In this video, I`ll give you a few tips on how you whores can walk elegantly and, above all, sexily on your heels. Because you can go shopping for me! That alone should be a great honor for you whore! But of course only practice makes perfect, if you have seen the video, you will do the exercises that I explain to you for at least 15 minutes every day and stumble around on your heels. There are no excuses! You can also do your housework in heels. So don`t be shy you little whore!!! When you think you`ve got it, you`ll get in touch with me in Messenger and turn on your cam. !

Raising a sissy wh...
LadyAyse (36)

horny piss break horny piss break
so you dear lady lydia pisses in the measuring cup and then pours it over her tits and cunt

horny piss break
Tittenluder (67)

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48 Years
I am a sexy young girl and I would like to share my sexual fantasies with many guys ... kisses krystal

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